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Marbled Cloudy Moon Celestial Kitsch Womens Adult Earrings Cloudcore

Marbled Cloudy Moon Celestial Kitsch Womens Adult Earrings Cloudcore

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Marbled Cloudy Moon Celestial Kitsch Earrings Cloudcore

Handmade in Brighton, U.K.

Length 3.0cm, Width, 2.2cm, Drop Length 4.5cm

If you have any questions, queries or requests message me via etsy or via instagram @squishyjewellery


*Due to the marbling effect all pieces will vary slightly, if this is a concern I am more than happy to discuss this/send pictures of the item before sending!*


Polymer Clay

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Care Instructions

Please keep metal hardware dry. If polymer clay components need cleaning please use water and a gentle soap. Thanks!

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Blue and Green "Kiki & Bouba" Abstract Linguist Polymer Clay Womens Adult Earrings

Our Kiki & Bouba design is based of a fascinating phenomenon in psychology known as the Bouba/Kiki effect. This concept explores the inherent association between visual shapes and sound symbolism, demonstrating how people across cultures tend to assign specific sounds to certain visual shapes.

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